THE introduction of the wage subsidy alluded to in the article by Mpumelelo Mkhabela (“Foreign labour is winning the battle for jobs in SA”, Daily Dispatch, April 5) is a huge bonus to business to create further employment.

It is encouraging to note that this subsidy is an original policy of the DA from many years ago and is now being emulated by government.

The subsidy reduces the risk for employers to take on inexperienced young people and allows them to develop the potential of these employees with minimal cost to a company.

Opportunity vouchers are another magnificent way to boost entrepreneurial development among individuals.

The voucher can be exchanged for further education training, skills development or as the basic seed to start a small business and can go a long way to making inroads into this country’s unemployment crisis.

The government needs to form better partnerships with private business for the national good of employment creation rather than self-serving political interest. — Dacre Haddon, DA MPL.