Sadtu has finally succeeded in driving out the head of education in the Eastern Cape. The DA has learned with regret that Adv. Modidima Mannya, Superintendent-General of the Department of Education has succumbed to the undue pressure exerted onto him by Sadtu and has stepped down with immediate effect.

This is not in the interest of education in the Eastern Cape, in view of some of the successes achieved and implementation of programmes which would have taken the department forward. Sadtu defied Mannya on many occasions, and absolutely resisted the carrying out of post provisioning for 2012, in other words, the movement of excess educators to substantive vacant posts.

Positive steps in turning the department around will now ground to a halt once again. This includes:

1. The filling of substantive vacant posts by means of temporary appointments and movement of excess educators;

2. The assessment of educators in classrooms; and

3. The prevention of officials doing business with the department of education.

Mannya never allowed Sadtu to dictate terms to him as to how this department should be managed. Because of this stand-off and the type of pressures on him, one can understand him throwing in the towel.

Sadtu interference, go-slows and having meetings during schools hours has destroyed education in the Eastern Cape.

This department already lacks strong political leadership. With Mannya’s resignation the department has also been left without strong managerial leadership. Sadtu must not get excited over this resignation: this union must be held responsible as the main contributor of the decay of education in the province.

The DA urges the Premier to ensure that she appoints a substitute that will ensure that the core business of the department goes forward. She cannot be guided by those who want to break down education in the Eastern Cape. We cannot allow our learners to be cannon fodder by the union to settle political scores.


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