The Democratic Alliance (Edmund Van Vuuren, DA Eastern Cape Provincial Chairperson) met with an investigating officer on Tuesday (subs: 24 April 2012) to verify the party’s earlier statement made at the Humewood police station in Port Elizabeth regarding the case of attempted murder and reckless driving in which DA Parliamentary Leader, Lindiwe Mazibuko, MP, was almost run over. This investigating officer is attached to the Whittlesea police station. The meeting was also to direct the officer to other eyewitnesses and to assist him in such a manner that this disgraceful incident may be speedily concluded.

Honjiswa Mrwebi, Sadtu branch chairperson of the Hewu area in Whittlesea, had through her wilful act intentionally tried to run over Lindiwe, myself and the school children that we were walking with in solidarity to highlight their plight of not being afforded scholar transport for their 24 km journey to and from their school in the Mbekweni Village. This lady increased her vehicle’s speed when approaching us from behind. We had to hurriedly make way in order not to be hit by the vehicle on Friday 13 April 2012. She readily admitted her intentions in a front page article of the Saturday Dispatch on 14 April 2012.

These learners, who walk long distances to and from the school, told us that when they get to school they are tired, hungry, and unable to concentrate and are usually not focussed. Some of them drop out of school during the winter months, resulting in them not completing their formal schooling.

I have also presented the investigating officer with a signed, written account by Lindiwe Mazibuko, of events as it happened on this almost fateful day.

The investigation officer has undertaken to lodge further investigations, question the learners involved and to present the case to the Public Prosecutor for a final decision, whether to prosecute or not.