Life is better in South Africa since we obtained freedom in 1994. For this we celebrate and rejoice. We must at all times never take this freedom for granted and must be vigilant in protecting our rights under the Constitution.

It is one thing to enjoy the freedom that we have under our Constitution. It is another thing to advance the right to real freedom that every South African should enjoy.

The right to real freedom in this country is limited by high unemployment, poor healthcare and particularly in the Eastern Cape by a rotten education system.

Education is the foundation of real opportunity: the opportunity to get ahead in life and realise your dreams. Until we have a decent education system in this province, learners’ opportunity to experience the freedom of choice to get decent jobs will be severely restricted. There can be no real freedom without breaking the shackles of a poor education system.

There is a new struggle for freedom to be fought in this country and that is for jobs, decent healthcare and education. We must continue to advance the frontiers of true freedom if all South Africans are to experience total liberation from the miseries of the past.



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