The massive publicity surrounding the Democratic Alliance’s march on Cosatu House has placed the youth wage subsidy-proposal of the DA firmly in the public domain. This proposal will create 400 000 jobs for young South Africans who are desperate to find employment. There is R5 billion in the current budget to fund this proposal. It should also be noted that President Zuma supported this concept in his 2009 State of the Nation Address.

The obstacle to this proposal being implemented, despite the fact that funds are available, is Cosatu. Yesterday (subs: Tuesday, 15 May), the extent of the violent conduct of some Cosatu supporters was fully exposed.

The DA’s constitutional right to march in support of the masses of unemployed people was violently attacked. It should also be noted that Cosatu had not received permission to conduct its own march and did so illegally.

The DA has implemented the proposal of a youth wage subsidy in the Western Cape and it is starting to work well. No older workers have lost their jobs.

The DA is not going to be deterred by violent threats when we take our campaigns to the streets. Cosatu must stop blocking the implementation of the youth wage subsidy and the violent acts of some of their supporters.

Just like Cosatu is an obstacle to job creation in this country, so is Sadtu an obstacle to decent education in this province. Until the government has the political will to implement policies that benefit the masses — as opposed to an employed elite — this country and province will continue to suffer huge unemployment and poor education.

Bobby Stevenson, MPL

DA Leader in the Provincial Legislature






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