It is a tragedy that a number of members of the SAPS have been killed in our province in the line of duty in the last few months. It would be a double tragedy if members of the community who have any information of people involved in the killing of these SAPS members remain silent.

The SAPS is our frontline against the criminal element who is brutalising our society. They are putting their lives on the line for us and we as the community support their efforts to fight crime.

At a time like this when two families, the Somanas and the Sigangas, are in mourning as a result of losing loved ones, let us as the community say we share your pain and honour the sacrifices your men have made for us.

No stone must left unturned to hunt down the killers of these members of the SAPS. The full weight of the justice system must be brought to bear so that these criminals are nailed and jailed. The message must go out loud and clear that killing members of the SAPS cannot be tolerated by any freedom-loving society.

Bobby Stevenson, MPL

DA spokesperson on Safety and Security