As we prepare to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 94th birthday tomorrow, 18 July, South Africans need to remember that our former president has done more for social cohesion, nation building and promoting national identity than anybody before him and most probably anybody after him.

What Madiba started — and continued doing even in those difficult years while he was incarcerated by the apartheid regime — is now being built on by our nation. Today we see numerous programmes to promote unity, reconciliation, nation building and cohesion. This is amazing for a society recovering from three centuries of colonialism and apartheid.

Looking back at our history it was hard to imagine the positive outcome we have achieved. I also cannot imagine that we would have achieved this without Nelson Mandela. Let’s celebrate this statesman and leader on his birthday, take action and help change the world for the better and in doing so, build a global movement for good in his name.


Pine Pienaar, DA MPL



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