The Democratic Alliance welcomes the decision by the Education Department in the Queenstown district to charge a SADTU official with misconduct for trying to run Lindiwe Mazibuko over with a car earlier this year.

The DA met with officials from the Department’s Labour Unit at their Queenstown offices this morning to provide any further evidence needed.

The officials have expressed their intention to proceed with disciplinary action against Ms Honjiswa Mrwebi as early as next week. Ms Mrwebi is a teacher and chairperson of SADTU’s Hewu branch in Whittlesea outside Queenstown.

Ms Mrwebi attempted to run Lindiwe Mazibuko over on 13 April during an early morning solidarity walk with Eastern Cape learners who must walk vast distances to get to schools in the area.

At the time Ms Mrwebi had admitted to the media that she did indeed intend to run Ms Mazibuko over.

The intention to charge Ms Mrwebi is a result of a complaint I lodged with the office of the MEC, Mandla Makupula, which was then handed over to the district by state law advisors.

It is good to see that justice will finally be done in this case. The Department must now see to it that the disciplinary action is finalized without delay.



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