Legislature leader and PE Southwest Constituency leader Bobby Stevenson worked at a soup kitchen at the Gqebera Clinic in Walmer Township on Mandela Day.

Working for Jobs

The 8 % Growth Project is the Democratic Alliance’s policy agenda for economic change that will open job opportunities to millions of South Africans.  It sets out how we will work to change our economy from one that grows at less than 3 % per year, to one that grows at 8 %.  For the full DA plan for growth on jobs, click here:

Economies like Peru, Singapore, Ghana and Vietnam have all recently achieved annual growth rates of 8 %, and their average growth rates have exceeded 6 % over the past decade.  This has allowed them to achieve extraordinary results in tackling social ills like poverty, unemployment and inequality.

South Africa, on the other hand, has averaged only 3. 6 % growth in GDP over the past decade, reaching a high of 5. 6 % in the boom years of 2006 and 2007.  This has not been sufficient to significantly roll back unemployment, or provide opportunities for people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Economic growth is the essential ingredient.  No country has created jobs without growth.

The apartheid government denied millions of South Africans access to economic opportunities and built an economy of insiders and outsiders, principally dominated by large state and private companies.

In the Eastern Cape cadre deployment, the looting of state resources and the abuse of institutions for political ends is impacting negatively on the Eastern Cape’s ability to create the right climate for economic growth and job creation.  Our crumbling education system impacts negatively on learner’s ability to get the right foundation that will help them to access a job.  A job is the best passport out of poverty and a key component of dealing with the triple challenge of unemployment, inequality and poverty.

Central to the DA’s vision is a state that provides an enabling environment for economic growth by ensuring access to markets, credit and skills; attracting trade and investment, and ensuring the economy has the infrastructure it needs in order to grow.

Reducing poverty, unemployment and inequality is not just a pipe dream but will become a reality under a DA-government.  8 % growth after 10 years will double the size of our economy.