The illegal emergency workers’ strike, which has become violent and is causing millions of rands in damages cannot be allowed to continue.

The Democratic Alliance has made an urgent written appeal to Provincial Police Commissioner, Cynthia Binta, to immediately intervene in the matter.

Yesterday, strikers resorted to violent tactics such as trashing the provincial call centre, damaging the emergency lines, shooting at vehicles transporting patients and turning off the oxygen at a hospital placing lives at risk.

It is very disturbing and unacceptable that the striking workers are threatening the individuals and families of those who are not on strike. The non-striking individuals have reportedly received threats that their houses would get burnt down.

Such behaviour is criminal and against the Constitution and laws of the country. In fighting for their own rights, the strikers should not infringe on the rights of others.

The striking workers should not be endangering the lives of many in an attempt to get their grievances heard. The medical workers who have decided to go back to work’s rights need to be protected.

The DA calls on the police to intervene and individuals found to be partaking in illegal activities of this nature should be charged and arrested.

We expect immediate action from the police in this matter.