Pine Pienaar (MPL)

Pine Pienaar (MPL)

The DA will continue to put pressure on the Department of Roads and Public Works to fulfil its mandate of roads maintenance in the province, rather than outsourcing the job.  The contract with Coega Development Corporation must be reconsidered and must be terminated in the next financial year.  The department’s in-house construction unit must be beefed up to put an end to outsourcing to parastatals where we don’t get value for money.

This contract does not benefit the province and its roads infrastructure.  In the 2011-12 financial year, R483 million was transferred to the Coega Development Corporation for road maintenance in this province.  Poor workmanship and non-supervision was the order of the day and the output of road maintenance was very poor.

For the R483 million Coega, paid emerging consultants R91 million, to managing consultants R21 million, and to managing contractors R18 million.  This is gross wasteful expenditure.

We need to spend the money on infrastructure, not on consultants assisting consultants.