THE “mushrooming” of the D A in Port St Johns’s wards poses a great challenge to the ANC in the area says PSJ sub-regional secretary Mlamli Ndabeni.

Ndabeni was addressing hundreds of ANC members during his party’s sub-regional conference earlier this week.

Ndabeni said it was the duty of ANC members to push back the “right wing” forces whose interest was to restore apartheid.

Delivering his report Ndabeni said: “Although the ANC is still a political centre that sets transformation agenda in (PSJ), it would be incorrect for us to be complacent and think that things will remain as yesterday.

“The mushrooming of the D A poses a great challenge that needs more commitment on the side of our cadres to push back these right wing forces whose interests are nothing other than to deceive our people by undermining gains of our democracy and eventually restoring apartheid system.”

He noted how in one ward service delivery issues led to the formation of the D A and how the D A’s increasing numbers posed a threat in Ward 7 which has 520 ANC members.

The D A has grow drastically in the former Transkei area.

Last week provincial spokeswoman Veliswa Mvenya and leader Athol Trollip officially welcomed more than 600 new members in Mt Ayliff.

Currently the party has two councillors in the PSJ council who also sit on the O R Tambo District Municipality.

Mvenya said her party was committed to clean governance free of corruption and that is why their numbers have been increasing since 2011. Before the 2011 elections the D A only had two councillors but now they have 16.

Speaking to the Daily Dispatch yesterday Mvenya said: “While they are busy spreading that myth that the D A is trying to bring back apartheid, we are continuing to grow. Even in the last elections we broke new grounds.

“We now have 16 councillors in the former Transkei area in nine municipalities.

“Our councillors have been voted in by black people – our citizens have seen the truth behind the ANC’s threats and scare tactics.

“They do not care about race – they want a government that is free of corruption and the Western Cape has been a good example of that. In 2014 they are in for a big surprise. We are launching branches and our numbers are increasing,” added Mvenya.