DA MPL Veliswa Mvenya inspects a leaking house in Lusikisiki.

DA MPL Veliswa Mvenya inspects a leaking house in Lusikisiki.

The daily plight of our people, 18 years after democracy, continues to be the driving force behind my hands-on involvement in communities.

I am very happy to report that the DA was able to help an elderly woman in Lusikisiki to get a new house recently.    Her old mud-house was full of holes and it had a leaking roof.  The floor, even under her bed, was always damp or wet.  We deal with poor people who need our help every day, but this woman’s circumstances really touched me.

We managed to solicit a temporary house from the Department of Housing and we will follow up to ensure that it does not remain temporary but it changes to permanent.

Another case that I am currently working on is of a young mother and her two children, who have been living in abject poverty in a mud hut in Goqwana  in the Lusikisiki area. This structure is unsafe and it does not keep the winter weather out.

Many times the system has let people down or they have given up trying.  Sometimes they simply don’t know what services they are entitled to.  It is our duty to give people hope for a better future.  In the DA we care about people and we put the needs of people first.