The extension of the provincial scholar transport contract with One Future Development 46 for the next three months is unacceptable.

There are serious allegations of gigantic fraud and mismanagement by One Future Development 46 and a forensic investigation is under way in this regard.

An alarming concern is why Transport MEC Thandiswa Marawu is taking instructions from formations within the ANC and overruling the decisions of the legislature Portfolio Committee on Transport.

Any decision taken by a sphere of government — be it in a plenary session or committee — is legally binding.

Who do the ANC think they are? The ANC needs to understand the dynamic between party and state. It is incomprehensible that a political party can merely rubbish the decisions of a Portfolio Committee.

The unhappiness by many taxi and transport operators in the province towards One Future is well known.

In addition the shocking safety record and the loss of innocent young lives caused by the operators of One Future Development 46 is of major concern.

While we understand that school transport must not be disrupted at the commencement of the upcoming academic school term, the Transport MEC and her department had plenty of time to ensure that the tender adjudication process was finalised so that a new contractor could start operating on 1July 2013.

I have written to Premier Noxolo Kiviet and asked her to give a public explanation as to why she is condoning the extension of this contract to an allegedly corrupt company.

The Premier must also explain why she is allowing a portfolio committee of the legislature to be undermined and overruled by ANC party lackeys in the province.

In addition, I have written to the Speaker of the Legislature requesting an urgent oversight meeting of the Transport Committee so that members can be briefed and question this whole issue.

This action by the ANC again highlights the utter arrogance of how the Premier and her cohorts govern this province.