The Mayor of Tsolwana is still in office despite being a convicted criminal. This follows his assault on 62-year-old grandmother Mati Joka more than a year ago. For a picture of Mrs. Joka after the attack, click here.

Early last year Mayor Khayalethu Nqiqhi was sentenced to a R4 000 fine, suspended for five years.

On behalf of the Democratic Alliance we are, with the assistance of our councillor and colleagues in the area, about to issue a civil summons for damages in the amount of R200 000 for Mrs. Joka against the Mayor.

Despite previous requests to Local Government MEC Mlibo Qoboshiyane to take action in this matter the Mayor remains in office! I have today written to the MEC again, asking him what action, if any, he has taken with regards to this matter and why the Mayor, who is now a convicted criminal, still remains in office.

This lack of action by MEC Qoboshiyane is a tacit support for the actions of Mayor Nqinghi and his support for non-adherence to the Code of Conduct for Councillors.

Furthermore, I intend raising this issue as a motion in the legislature calling for the immediate removal of this Mayor.

As a Mayor is a first citizen of a community and is supposed to lead by example in every way, the disgraceful conduct by Mayor is inexcusable and he must be fired.

It is appalling that the MEC who knows about this assault, sees fit to turn a blind eye and do nothing.

This “cowboy attitude” of the MEC and his department goes against the rule of law, accountability and lack of consequences for actions that plagues this country.

What is needed is swift justice and a zero tolerance towards non-performance and unethical conduct. This will instil a new confidence and peace of mind to communities across the province and country that their individual rights are sacrosanct and they are protected from hooligan behaviour.

This weak leadership by the MEC yet again shows the hypocrisy of the ANC in claiming they want good, corruption free government.

The DA will pursue this matter and if necessary take it to a higher level to force the removal of the Mayor from office.

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