MEC, DA leader square off in Bhisho: Daily Dispatch

Furious Capa accuses Trollip of launching personal attack

HEATED debate in the Bhisho legislature this week had agriculture MEC Zoleka Capa threatening to show DA provincial leader Athol Trollip “what this woman is made of”, were it not for the fact they were in the legislature.

Trollip is to lay a formal complaint against Capa over her comment, which was made during the debate over the agriculture department’s financial oversight report in the legislature this week.

Capa had been upset by jibes made by Trollip over her leadership of the department.

Tempers flared during the House sitting on Tuesday when the opposition MPL lambasted Capa for management and financial mishaps, while the MEC accused Trollip of lodging a personal attack against her and her family.

Delivering his party’s comments on the department’s mid-term financial report, which was later adopted by the House, Trollip said the mishaps were as a result of Capa’s leadership.

Trollip yesterday said he will lodge a formal complaint with legislature speaker Fikile Xasa after Capa allegedly threatened him when he highlighted some of the mishaps, including the purchase of farms by Capa while she was mayor of the Alfred Nzo District Municipality.

The farms were bought by the municipality and handed over to a municipal agency, Ntinga OR Tambo Agency, once led by Capa’s husband Ndumiso.

“Just as the purchase of Cedarville farms when you were mayor . . . are not a poor reflection on the agency nor the individuals tasked with managing them, including your husband, they are a poor reflection on you.

“To give you advice MEC, it will not assist to continue bragging about your department while you attend legislature committees or outreach programmes. What you need to do is to stamp your authority and fix your department,” Trollip had said.

An infuriated Capa then accused Trollip of not debating fairly, instead personally attacking her and her family.

“He is fortunate this is a democratic institution. Otherwise I would have shown him what this woman is made of,” said Capa, in what has been described by Trollip as a threat.

During the sitting, Capa raised concerns with the legislature’s acting speaker Bulelwa Tunyiswa, saying it was not the first time the DA leader had made it personal.

“He actually spent all the time Madam Speaker, attacking me personally. This is not the first time. Everything he said was not about the report we are debating here today, but about the MEC personally.

“It is common that in this House my husband is also the centre of debate. Maybe it is because our struggle has led us to be very poor – we cannot get lawyers and defend ourselves.

“As long as you talk about my husband, you are talking about an MK [Umkhonto weSizwe] cadre and a commissar. We actually fought for this country as that family and we do not expect those who were actually opposed to our struggle will utilise democratic institutions to personally attack us.

“They [DA] continue to attack the poor black woman who was born behind the door because she does not have lawyers,” an emotional Capa said.

Speaking to Dispatch yesterday, Capa denied threatening Trollip, saying she was only highlighting issues she described as personal attacks against her and her family.

Trollip yesterday denied he had attacked Capa personally, saying it was the MEC who had threatened him. Trollip further accused Capa of dilly-dallying when questions were asked of her department’s performance.

Capa asked the legislature to rule on her allegations that Trollip had attacked her personally and yesterday acting speaker Alfred Mtsi ruled Trollip’s actions had not been a personal attack on Capa. —