DA disappointed in re-appointment of Provincial Public Service Commissioner

The re-appointment of incumbent Provincial Public Service Commissioner Singata Mafanya for another five year term is disappointing.

This appointment is another clear case of cadre deployment.

Over the years Mr. Mafanya has served in various senior positions within the ANC in the province, including being a councillor in Alice and a member of the ANC Provincial Committee.

During the last five years under Mr. Mafanya’s watch, public service efficiency in this province has become a shocking state of affairs.

Rampant corruption, a poor work ethic in departments, no adherence to department directives, unspent budgets, no municipality obtaining a clean audit and few departments obtaining unqualified audits are a few examples of how dire public service efficiency has become under the tenure of Mr. Mafanya.

In terms of Chapter 10, sections 196 of the Constitution, a province must appoint a Public Service Commissioner to promote a high standard of professional ethics and efficient public service.

As this appointment has to be ratified by the President, it is imperative that the province appoint a suitable person for this vital position.

During the interviews of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Provincial Legislature I scored Mr. Mafanya the lowest of all the six applicants that were interviewed.

It is time for change.

I will be asking the Provincial Legislature to uphold the legacy of our late Tata Nelson Mandela and make him proud by having an efficient, reinvigorated public service in the province.

Furthermore, I will be insisting that Commissioner Mafanya apply the powers of enforcement of recommendations as mandated in the Public Service Amendment Bill.

The time has come for Commissioner Mafanya to be ruthless on poor performance and introduce measures that will enhance greater efficiency and proud work ethic in all public service departments in the province.

We cannot afford to continue disappointing the citizens of this province with years of sub-standard public service inefficiency.

The ball is in your court, Commissioner Mafanya.