DA to consider legal steps against Makana officials

While the MEC for Local Government and Traditional Affairs, Mlibo Qoboshiyane, has confirmed what the Democratic Alliance has been saying for some time regarding an illegal payout of R3 million to Municipal Manager Dr. Pravine Naidoo, steps are yet to be taken against parties involved in the scandal.

The DA welcomes the MEC’s stated intention to intervene in the municipality to investigate inter alia the facts surrounding the purported settlement agreement; the recent water shortages; the non-payment of employee salaries; and the general governance and financial management of the municipality.

However, we remain concerned that no immediate action is to be taken against the Speaker, Rachel Madinda-Isaac, and Mr. Mncedisi Boma, the municipal Strategic Manager (who is little more than a political commissar) in spite of concrete evidence of their interference in municipal financial and operational matters in contravention of the Municipal Structures Act and the Municipal Finance Management Act. These latter issues amount to criminal misconduct and the DA is considering laying charges against the persons identified above.

In an unusually candid and comprehensive response to a question in the Provincial Legislature tabled by DA MPL Dacre Haddon, and following sustained pressure at a parliamentary level by myself, MEC Qoboshiyane admitted that:

1. Dr. Pravine Naidoo was not entitled to the payment of any of his legal costs or any other settlement in regard to the termination of his earlier term of employment;

2. The negotiations and agreement between the Speaker, Cllr. Rachel Madinda-Isaac, and Dr. Naidoo were irregular and unauthorised; and

3. The settlement agreement was concluded purely to prejudice the Makana Municipality. For the reply, click here:

Reply to question 245 of 2013

Although Mr. Boma has been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing, he was seen wandering around city hall and attended the ANC-caucus during Monday’s meeting of the Makana Council. He also wanders in and out of the mayor’s suite of offices.

The Democratic Alliance will continue to shine a spotlight on the mismanagement and maladministration of the ANC-led Makana Municipality. We are committed to government that is open and transparent, services that are delivered efficiently and a municipality that cares for the needs of all its citizens.