Education MEC must intervene to stop disruption at Kirkwood school

The MEC for Education, Mandla Makupula, must take urgent steps to stop the revolt at the Moses Mabida Secondary School Kirkwood, where learners are being used as political pawns instead of being allowed to learn.

We must ensure that we provide our children with a learning environment where they can grow in order to take advantage of job opportunities. Job opportunities must be accessible for all, not just the connected few.

Learning at this school came to a standstill this morning. I have been informed that teachers and community members have forced learners to participate in a protest during school hours.

It is unacceptable that unhappiness around the appointment of a principal is being voiced in this manner. It is disgraceful that teachers are wasting the time of these learners by using them to push a political agenda.

I urge MEC Makupula and his department to intervene as a matter of urgency so that this school can become a place of learning. Education is the foundation of opportunity and a ladder out of the poverty trap.