DA Leader in the Legislature Athol Trollip looks forward to seeing exponential growth in support of the Democratic Alliance in the upcoming elections

DA Leader in the Legislature Athol Trollip looks forward to seeing exponential growth in support of the Democratic Alliance in the upcoming elections

A warm thank you to my colleagues and staff in the Bhisho Legislature office for their cooperation and support which enabled me to “find my feet” being back here for the past 6 months.

Let us start this year, the most important and critical political year in the history of the DA, with enthusiasm, expectation and a positive attitude to show all the people in our beloved country that life can be better where the DA governs.

This is my last message in 2014 as the Leader of the DA in the Legislature as after the elections my message will be from the Leader of the Official Opposition in the Eastern Cape Legislature. Cope has flattered only to deceive whilst it held this title over the past 5 years.  The DA will again hold its rightful place in this regard.

A governing party should know that the only thing that keeps them in power is good governance and effective and efficient service delivery for its people. This is exactly what the DA wants to prove that we can and have achieved.

Eastern Cape voters get the government they deserve and they must come to their senses that post-election protest, no matter how violent and for whatever reason, won’t change the government or indeed the style of government.  This is why it is so important for us to build a realistic alternative government in South Africa. A party that enough South Africans can believe in to effect democratic change in South Africa, that will improve their lives.

We cannot succumb to the ANC’s populism or pragmatism because we do not have independent institutions that safeguard our rights nor indeed our constitution. We have to become the governing party to prove that we can make a difference.

It is a fact that the institutions of this country that should be independent watchdogs and constitutional safeguards have been infiltrated by loyal ANC Cadres who place their party’s interests first. This compromises the very essence of these institutions.  For this reason it is up to us to “Make a difference” and that is exactly what we have been doing here in the Eastern Cape.

We CAN influence the ANC with appropriate strategies and initiatives. This is a bonus (we can’t influence them if we make them mad). We however MUST promote our alternative policies and philosophies. It must be our ultimate goal to govern this country and show what good governance can deliver.

Winston Churchill, the Great War hero of Great Britain and the Free world said of recrimination and backward focus: “I am quite sure that if we open a quarrel between the past and the present, we shall find that we have lost the future.” I appeal to you, especially at this stage of the race, not to lose the future but to embrace it fully.

For years the DA has been the uncontested other party in this province but now we have the opportunity to become THE PARTY.    This upcoming election should serve as motivation to us to improve our performance and to start preparing to govern.

2013 has been an exhilarating year.  The DA has shown consistent growth and we aim to grow exponentially in this important upcoming election.

My message to you is that life is better where the DA governs. The DA is on track to win more municipalities in the Eastern Cape in 2016. The DA is a party of future government. We are no longer only an opposition party. Ons staan sterk, ons staan saam en ons groei.

Sidibene. Sinamandla.Ukhongolose uqhekekile. Xa into iqhekekile, iphelelwe ngamandla. Sekunjalo. Xa uKhongolose eqhekekile, elo lithuba leDA lokuwina.

We want to show that we share a dream for South Africa of an open, opportunity society for all in which citizens are equipped with the tools they need to exercise their freedom, take responsibility to use their opportunities, and work hard to develop their full potential. As we go into the New Year, we will continue to protect and defend the Constitution; we will continue to promote the open, opportunity society for all in the interests of all the people of this province.

  1. Andre Naude says:

    Best wishes for a majority vote in EC Legislature 2014- and I hope that Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality will have more DA Coiuncillors

  2. Athol Trollip says:

    Thanks Andre, I am positive that we will!