Not about publicity but jobs

THE DA’s jobs march was not a publicity stunt (“DA’s publicity stunt worked, says analyst,” Herald February 13), but a dramatic expression by an estimated 8 000 DA marchers to highlight a national crisis.

The country needs to march to a different beat particularly when it comes to dealing with the unemployment catastrophe that faces our country.

The DA march’s objective was to contrast the difference between the ANC’s offer of six million temporary work opportunities as opposed to the DA’s offer of six million REAL JOBS.

Unless we can grow our economy at a faster pace, we will not be able to make a major dent in joblessness.

Under Jacob Zuma’s ANC our economy is very much in the doldrums and only growing at 2%, where the average for Sub-Saharan Africa is above 5%. We clearly have the wrong policy mix when it comes to economic growth and the DA march was a dramatic statement to put this issue firmly on the public agenda.

The ANC had no respect for the law and organised its own illegal and violent protest exposing their undemocratic tendencies.

Next week the Democratic Alliance will be launching its manifesto where we will clearly spell out our alternative plans for job creation.

Bobby Stevenson, MPL and chief whip