DA out to spread good story to PE: The Herald

Party aims to repeat Western Cape success in Eastern Cape

THE DA borrowed an ANC tagline at the weekend as Eastern Cape MPL Bobby Stevenson said the party also had a good story to tell about governance in the Western Cape.

At a public meeting in Port Elizabeth’s KwaDwesi Extension on Saturday, Stevenson said the party was making a big difference in the Western Cape and it wanted to do the same in the Eastern Cape.

The meeting, held on the street, attracted a crowd of DA supporters who shouted slogans saying President Jacob Zuma was running scared as they made their way up Barayi Street with DA posters and banners.

“The DA also has a good story to tell, we are making a big difference in the Western Cape and we want to bring that change here. We want to tell the good story of the Western Cape in this province, and you have the power to bring the change,” Stevenson said.

He was joined by DA parliamentary candidates Nqaba Banga, Andrew Whitfield and councillor Mzukisi Ncamani, who led the small group of members in song, before addressing the crowd.

Stevenson said if voted into power, the party would provide the same quality healthcare for KwaDwesi residents that was available in the Western Cape.

“Not like when people go into Dora Nginza Hospital, where you go in sick and come out dead,” he said, to shouts of, “It’s a death sentence.”

Whitfield, speaking in Xhosa and English, said the party was bringing a message of change and jobs to the area.

“There won’t be any no-go areas for the DA in Nelson Mandela Bay. We are building a blue wave of change and we are calling on the community to take charge and vote for change. Only by voting DA will you have the change you need,” he said.

The party was going to bring back “Amandla [power] and get rid of Nkandla”, he said.

Passing taxi passengers showed their support for the party by shouting “Viva DA”, while others shouted support for the ANC.

Banga said the DA was going to go to all the places the ANC did not want them to go.

“We are going to show them that the DA is here. We cannot keep quiet – people have nothing to put on the table because of one president.”

He said the DA’s winning a court case about the party’s campaign SMSes which said Zuma stole public money to build his house, proved that in South Africa, “a thief is a thief”.

“Only in South Africa do we have a president with ubuhlanti [kraal] that costs R1-million,” he said to the laughing crowd.

Banga said DA leader Helen Zille did not need a bunker to hide away in, like the one Zuma had built in Nkandla.

“People are dying and yet the president builds himself a bunker to keep him and his family safe. “Who is he hiding from? “We won’t hide from you. I won’t hide from you, Zille won’t hide from you, Bobby won’t hide from you.”