DA calls for Kasrils’s plan to be rejected: The Herald

EASTERN Cape DA leader Athol Trollip laid into former intelligence minister Ronnie Kasrils yesterday, saying his call to spoil votes was a syndrome that undermined democracy and those who had fought and died for it.

Trollip called on DA supporters to ignore Kasrils’ call which he said was evidence of people belonging to a political party for life, describing that as behaviour that had destroyed the African continent.

He was addressing about 300 DA supporters in Xhosa, Afrikaans and English at an open field in Greenbushes in Port Elizabeth.

Kasrils launched his campaign earlier this month urging voters to dump the ANC and the DA and rather vote for smaller opposition parties or spoil their ballot on May 7.

Trollip encouraged residents to vote for the DA, saying if they spoilt their votes they would be “castrating” themselves.

“I have never heard such a stupid thing. Kasrils says he wants the ANC to govern but he won’t vote for it,” he said.

“That’s sickness to want a party to govern but you won’t vote for it.

“Rather use your ballot to send a strong message either of change or endorsement and we’re saying more and more people are saying they will vote for change – they will vote for the DA.”

Trollip said Kasrils had an “illness [in] that he wants the ANC to win but he can’t vote for them.

“That mentality is a mentality of being ANC for life and when people belong to any political party for life, that is a licence for that government to allow megalomaniacs to come to the fore and become presidents for life,” he said.

At a public meeting last night in Richmond Hill, Trollip told about 200 residents the DA was committed to fighting corruption.