What a hoot! DA adds fun to campaign: The Herald

 HONK THOSE HORNS: DA deputy provincial leader Bobby Stevenson, centre, joins party volunteers in the HOOT for DA campaign in Port Elizabeth. Picture: JUDY DE VEGA.

FORGET the blue wave, it is the DA’s Hoot Campaign that has Port Elizabeth motorists smiling, hooting and showing their support for the party in peak traffic hour as they head home.

The campaign is held at rush hour in the evening at intersections around the city on randomly selected days.

The party’s deputy provincial head, Bobby Stevenson, said the campaign was great fun. It was designed to create awareness around the party and the elections.

“When people see it, we get a tremendous response with people waving and hooting, and it helps build the excitement and enthusiasm for election day,” Stevenson said.

The campaign involves up to 18 DA leaders and volunteers standing around an intersection with their HOOT for the party posters, inviting motorists to get involved in the fun and show support for the party.

“We have done a few in the city. It is fun and very dramatic,” he said.

While some motorists have a blast with the campaign, others become impatient and start hooting for the traffic to move along. The last hoot campaign was last week at the corner of William Moffett and Cape Road and the next will be held tomorrow at the South End Museum intersection between 4pm and 5.30pm.

Stevenson said the campaign was one of many the party was doing around the city, adding fun to the other styles of electioneering.

“We campaign on Twitter, Facebook, with posters, TV and radio ads, marches, public meetings, information tables and roadshows.

“The hoot campaign is a fun way of getting people involved and interested. The response is great. The hoots, the waves, thumbs up, the smiles. It is awesome fun,” he said.