DA leads with active social media campaign in Eastern Cape

Deputy provincial leader Veliswa Mvenya and provincial leader Athol Trollip, share news on social media.

Deputy provincial leader Veliswa Mvenya and provincial leader Athol Trollip, share news on social media.

You can daily follow the real story of the Democratic Alliance’s rise in the Eastern Cape by viewing our Eastern Cape Facebook page as well as following us on twitter. We have the biggest provincial following of any eastern cape political party with over 10 000 likes on Facebook and 5000 on twitter.

The public can stay updated with the gruelling schedule of the provincial leadership as the Blue Wave maintains its blistering pace of barnstorming our cities, towns and villages throughout the Eastern Cape.

Watch the full dimension of the DA as the force of change and growth in the Eastern Cape. Follow provincial leader Athol Trollip and DA representatives Veliswa Mvenya, Edmund van Vuuren, Nosimo Balindlela and Nqaba Bhanga as well as local activists, as they bring our message of change and jobs to voters.

By clicking on these pages you see for yourself the real reasons for the DA’s explosive growth in the Eastern Cape and why for example we even campaign on horseback.

The DA in the Eastern Cape is the most active party in the province on social networks and is making extensive use of Facebook and twitter to get its message across particularly to young voters.

Recent surveys have shown that the DA will continue to experience considerable growth in the upcoming general elections. This trend is reflected in the numbers of people visiting, following, retweeting and commenting on our various social media forums.

For updates on campaign tours, media statements and speeches, follow the DA in the Eastern Cape on:

Facebook page: Democratic Alliance Eastern Cape

Twitter: DA Eastern Cape (@DAEasternCape)

DA Bhisho web page: www.dabhisho.org.za


One comment on “DA leads with active social media campaign in Eastern Cape
  1. Brendon Belling says:

    The proposal for renewable energy is far more needed now in South Africa compared to 20 years ago. Globally we the custodians of our planet have created so much waste and have not truly grasped the reality of what is yet to happen to our planet, if we do not create change soon we will not have sufficient ground to call home.
    There is a solution, it has been staring us in the face for the last 100 years and no one has tapped into it as yet. Upon completing a course I did as a Certified Green Consultant, my eyes opened to what has always been there and how one can make use of it to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Not only with regards to Eskom price increases, there is a power source that can be developed and be self sustainable (portable units) energy source. Eskom would not be happy with this concept, knowing that you do not have to run thousands of kilometres of cable to receive power to one’s home. Each home, office and manufacturing industry can and will be able to make use of this diversified product to supply power for their needs.
    Recycling of waste is the solution to job creation; South African Government needs to invest 20 Billion Rand in a self sustainable Renewable Recycling Plant. Creating 30 000 jobs in the construction phase and 300 000 – 400 000 jobs after completion and once all manufacturing sites are operational. Revenue generated annually expected to exceed more than 15 Billion Rand. East London, Eastern Cape (Suggested 1st Site) long term investment
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    The Recycling Plant will be self sustainable with renewable energy (not reliant on Eskom). Have its own water recycling plant. With a diverse internal industrial manufacturing infrastructure the plant will sustain itself for generations to come.
    This Recycling Plant process will change the molecular structure of the products that are to be recycled so that by product can be more easily reworked back into a production line.
    The thousands of tons of tyres that are land filled can be dug up and recycled at the Recycling Plant, recycled back into tyres, utalized back into the motor industry (e.g. motor parts for the local and export market , companies like Mercedes Benz, VW, Toyota etc)
    These are just some of the benefits that the Plant can offer, to mention that the method used does not add CO 2 emissions into the atmosphere. A greener living for all, reducing our carbon foot print.
    South Africa drastically needs jobs creation and economic stimulation and only through jobs creation this can happen. The Recycling Plant concept can be applied National and Internationally.
    Imagine having 7 sites Nationally, thus creating over 2, 8 Million + jobs and that is not even the spin off.
    This is my view on jobs creation; I have the knowledge and vision. Only through vision can we create change.

    Does our Government want change, do we have the people to what is right!!
    We Need Change, And Soon!!
    Can the DA create change?