DA will expand Eastern Cape workforce by creating millions of real jobs across South Africa

The DA campaigns for jobs in Kwazakhele in Port Elizabeth.

The DA campaigns for jobs in Kwazakhele in Port Elizabeth.

Below is an extract of a speech by DA provincial leader Athol Trollip, made at the Lillian Ngoyi Sports Centre in Kwazakhele in Port Elizabeth, as part of the DA’s “Together for Jobs” campaign on 1 May 2014.

The DA believes that the right to work is as important as workers’ rights and today we recognise and promote the rights of the millions of unemployed South Africans who want to work.

Under Jacob Zuma’s ANC unemployment in the Eastern Cape is out of control at 43% with no prospect of a better life for those who have been denied the opportunity to work. We have inherited an economy of insiders and outsiders. This is an economy that provides jobs to the connected few while millions of South Africans remain unemployed. An economy that has lost 1.4 million jobs since President Zuma took office in 2009.

Where are the jobs President Zuma?

The DA believes that the Eastern Cape deserves better.

Our province needs an inclusive, expanding economy that creates jobs for all and not jobs for some. We need an economy that attracts job creating investment and creates an environment that encourages employment. We need a government that invests in infrastructure and invests in its people.

The DA Difference is that we will grow the economy by 8% and create 6 million real jobs. Our plans are based on a Reserve Bank study and have been costed by top economists.

The Western Cape story is evidence that the DA’s plan to create jobs works:

  •  In the DA’s term of office, nearly one out of every four jobs created in the country came from the Western Cape (123 000 of 561 000 jobs created in the country).
  • 68% of all new jobs in South Africa in the last quarter of 2013 were created in the Western Cape.
  • The Western Cape has the lowest unemployment in the country (12% below the national average) and the lowest number of people who have given up looking for work.
  • In 2013, unemployment in South Africa grew by 121 000, whilst it shrank by 48 000 in the Western Cape.

The latest Labour Market Dynamics report from StatsSA shows that the Western Cape had the highest “transition rate” among youth – this measures the number of non-economically active youth who manage to get jobs.

The DA will cut red tape that is suffocating businesses and we will kill corruption that is costing our economy jobs. We will create 1 million internships to kick start the futures of young South Africans and we will implement the Real Youth Wage Subsidy to create real jobs. We will bring opportunity centres and jobs zones to strategically located areas so that outsiders can become insiders and we can unlock our true economic potential

We will do all of this and much more if we all stand together for jobs on the 7th of May.