Not voting will mean more of the same for Sterkspruit

DA provincial leader Athol Trollip will be addressing a public meeting in Sterkspruit at 13:00 today (2 May 2014) as part of his election campaign tour of the Eastern Cape.

The protests in Sterkspruit and the subsequent standoff between the government and the community is not a demarcation issue. This is an issue of poor governance, joblessness and poor service delivery. By not voting the Sterkspruit community will be saying that it support more of the same. In order to change your circumstances you need to change your vote. Not voting means supporting more of the same.

This province cannot tolerate the ANC turning a blind eye to the plight of the people of Sterkspruit and their very genuine complaints and needs.

Many communities in the Eastern Cape are the victims of failing local government and a provincial and national government which are simply not helping to improve their hopeless lot. All the time the faceless poor wallow in the despair of poverty and broken promises.

This dysfunctionality prevails for a host of reasons:

  1. Inadequate revenue due to poverty and inept revenue collection;
  2. Incompetence due to the ANC policy of cadre deployment resulting in failed administration, corruption and appointment of unqualified officials of which there are many examples;
  3. Lack of accountability and responsibility by responsible officials.

Under President Jacob Zuma the progress we made is being reversed. Today there are 1,4 million more jobless South Africans than on the day he took office. The DA We has best offer to put South Africa back on the path set by Nelson Mandela.

The growth in unemployment under the ANC is the single biggest challenge in South Africa. The DA believes it has the solution to this in its 8% growth policy. If Nigeria can achieve 8% economic growth, then so too can South Africa under a DA-government.

Where South Africans have voted the DA into office, we are managing the economy well so that it grows fast enough to create many more real, permanent jobs. The Western Cape, where the DA governs, has the lowest unemployment in South Africa.

Good government, with no corruption, leads to job creation. It is a formula that works every time. And it is working where the DA governs.

Our policies help entrepreneurs to start small businesses by cutting red tape; we help children get a better education by ensuring that every single child has a textbook in every subject. We help graduates get an internship through our Work and Skills Programme.

The only true dignity for citizens of this country is a real job that provides independence from the State as opposed to the dependency dividend that the ANC relies on so desperately to maintain power.

To break this power, you cannot withhold your vote. You have to vote for a party that has your interests at heart. That party is the DA.

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    Not voting will mean more of the same for Sterkspruit | DA Bhisho – The Democratic Alliance at the Bhisho Legislature