Real jobs needed to make Queenstown a real business hub

DA provincial leader Athol Trollip is on the campaign trail in Queenstown today.

Despite the government’s identification of Queenstown as an economic growth hub, business investment remains lacking. This just another example of how the ANC of Jacob Zuma is neglecting our communities while benefits are only for the connected few. The enjoyment of the high life, expensive cars and luxury travel by the Lukhanji municipal manager, Gregory Brown, springs to mind.

People in the Eastern Cape are forced to leave their families to look for job opportunities elsewhere, such as the Western Cape. The Western Cape, where the DA governs in an accountable, transparent and caring manner, has the lowest unemployment rate in the country.

What Queenstown and the Eastern Cape needs is proper infrastructure and maintenance thereof that will bring the necessary investment to create real jobs in our towns. Reals jobs are what is needed to make Queenstown a real business hub.

The ANC government under President Zuma has not delivered on its job creation promises. One out of every three South Africans is unemployed because our economy is not growing fast enough.

The DA wants to bring this progress to the Eastern Cape. By making an informed choice, voters can change the future of this province, by voting DA on 7 May.