Priorities are skewed

MHLONTLO municipality’s excessive expenditure is disgraceful. The article entitled “Mhlontlo travel, food cost millions” (Daily Dispatch July 17) is cause for great concern. Spending R1-million on catering is absurd and the mayor of the Mhlontlo municipality must be held accountable.

The priorities of the ruling party in this municipality are skewed, even more so when it has become a struggle to pay their employees. The unnecessary amounts that were spent on catering for outings and events, as well as the money that was pocketed by government officials within this municipality could have contributed towards the salaries of employees. It is unfathomable that there is such a lack of order, discipline and proper management of funds in any of our municipalities.

The MEC for local government and traditional affairs must come up with a plan to correct the issues of improper use of public funds. — Nokonwaba Dorah Matikinca (MPL), Shadow MEC for local government and traditional affairs