DA Women’s Network (DAWN) celebrates girl power on Women’s Day

Celeste Barker

Celeste Barker

Too frequently National Women’s Day is trivialised and reduced to another Mother’s Day stereotype.

Women’s Day honours our predecessors and their united, brave anti pass stance. DAWN celebrates this legacy and girl power. Women have the power to change society and shape national identity and the future.

For example when President Putin denied responsibility for the sinking of the Kursk it was the wives, mothers, grannies and daughters of Russia who highlighted the disaster, held the President to account and were ultimately compensated with dignified burials and homes.

We too have a proud legacy of women who say no to power . Yet popular images of Women’s Day link it to chocolate and flowers. Given that SA is the global rape capital and many South African women are vulnerable, poor, uneducated and unemployed shallow representations of National Women’s Day trivialise our history and exclude all women who literally cannot buy into such stereotypes .

Emphasis of this nature hearkens to a paternalistic past which deprived most South African women of the vote until 1994.

DAWN celebrates and honours South African women like Thuli Madonsela and Helen Zille who embody girl power and a principled commitment to translate our constitutional rights into real rights.

Celebrate history and girl power with us on 09 August 2014!

Celeste Barker, MPL and Dawn provincial chairperson