DA supports Molteno civic protest over failed Inkwanca municipality

The DA welcomes and supports the unified efforts of the community of Molteno over the failed Inkwanca Municipality; however, their protest action must remain within the legal framework of the law.

This action by the community reinforces the DA’s previous call to place the municipality under section 139 of the constitution.

Tomorrow groups representing the various communities, including residents, farmers’ unions, Samwu and Sanco will hold protest action to demand that promises by the Department of Local Government for an external administrator are implemented immediately.

This civic action illustrates deep-set dissatisfaction.  It is clear that the people of Inkwanca are fed-up with the manner in which the current ANC-dominated council has failed to prioritise their needs and to deliver quality and affordable municipal services to them.

The municipality has been limping along amidst alleged fraud and corruption uncovered in a Kabuso forensic report, some municipal workers going without salaries for up to seven months and service delivery failures including water and electricity disconnections.

While the DA supports this civic action, people should realise that protest action such as this is not the only way to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with poor service delivery and corruption.  People must support change by voting for the DA as their alternative government of choice.