Former Transkei villages still without water

Former Transkei villages are deprived of water after 20 years of democracy. The former Transkei has been neglected by the ANC-led government. Residents of ward 21 in the KSD municipality and Ward 24 in the Nyandeni municipality have pleaded with government on numerous occasions to supply them with sustainable water services. No assistance has been provided in this regard.

Ward 21 residents have resorted to protest action in order to draw the attention of government officials; police officers were later ordered to arrest them. To date, no progress has been made in the provision of water services to this community.

In Ward 24, resident’s expectations were raised in 2009 when pipes were installed but the project was left incomplete yet contractors were paid for the job.

Allegedly, community members are falling ill from drinking contaminated water. The Department of Local Government has not held anyone accountable for the incomplete work done in ward 24 regardless of the fact that public funds have been wasted.

In a letter dated 20/10/2014, click here to view letter, Local Government MEC, Fikile Xasa promises to ensure the completion of this project. This issue should have been prioritized; these communities continue to suffer.

We are calling on the ANC-led government to treat all Eastern Cape residents equally and to ensure that their fundamental human rights are not violated.

If the department does not provide water to these wards with immediate effect, the DA will take up the issue with the Public Protector and the South African Human Rights Commission.