Women’s rights are human rights

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) recently released a Gender Series Report which reveals that the labour participation rate of females scored 43. 5% in the ANC-led Eastern Cape this year. In the DA-led Western Cape there is a 60.4 % participation score for women.

Given the substantial difference of 16.9 % DAWN, the Democratic Alliance Women’s Network, urges the Eastern Cape government to step up to meet the standard of the DA-led Western Cape and to consciously prioritize women and combat the issues that hamper their employability.

The report indicates that women who gave birth for the first time at 25 years of age and older show increased levels of participation in the labour market.  This suggests that teenage pregnancies could have a negative impact on women’s participation in the labour market.

In the Eastern Cape, it was found that 14, 8% of girls in the province do not attend school regularly. Documented reasons for poor school attendance include the interruption of the menstrual cycle because of the prohibitive cost of sanitary pads and tampons, teenage pregnancy and domestic responsibilities including child-rearing.

DAWN implores the ANC-led government of the Eastern Cape to face up to each issue that limits girls’ scholastic success and invites Honourable members to visit the Western Cape and take notes on how the DA ensures that girls have equal opportunities in the labour market of the DA-led Western Cape.

DAWN and the Democratic Alliance will be monitoring the outcome of the “Sex for Jobs” scandal in the Eastern Cape Legislature. We will also submit questions to the MEC for Education to ensure that young girls in the Eastern Cape complete their Matric so that they too may secure career success and equal  job opportunities.