On 25 September 2014 DA DA Councillor Zuko Mandile and I visited Jojweni Village after receiving a plea with the photograph above.

The situation at the village is dire. Jojweni is one of the former so-called Transkei villages in Ward 9 of Intsika Yethu in the Chris Hani District. Residents live in a most beautiful environment, tragically devoid of the basic means to survive.

As evident in the photo, the biggest problem in the village is a lack of potable water. While the ANC–led government has provided taps to the village, the water supply to the taps is unreliable and the water is cloudy.

The next best water source is the stream at the bottom of a ravine.

This stream is used by the residents from Jojweni-, Mabetseni-, Catshile- and Zidulwini Villages. It is difficult to reach and water collection is painfully slow because it is shallow and rocky.

When the DA visited Jojweni we found a dead cow in the stream, contaminating the water.

Cllr Mandile submitted a bottle of Jojweni tap water for independent testing. Results show that the water had not been properly flushed.

We are heading back to Jojweni for a second branch meeting and an onsite inspection, as a donor has offered to assist.

On our second visit we will collect water from the stream. It too will be submitted for independent testing.

Once the state of the water is known a petition will be launched and further donor assistance will be sought.

It is absolutely unacceptable that the ANC has provided so poorly for our people!

Access to clean water is a right that we will defend until all our people have access to safe water.

If these villages were in the DA-led Western Cape, each household would have access to clean water!