DA shows steady growth in Inkwanca Municipality

The Democratic Alliance (DA) showed steady growth in yesterday’s by-election in the Inkwanca Municipality (Sterkstroom and Molteno).

In total, the DA won 17% against the ANC’s 63%, a significant decrease for the ruling party. Incredibly, we also won a ward in this municipality for the first time.

The DA increased its support from 13.89 % in the last local government elections to 17% and up from 11.3% in the general provincial elections in May this year.

The contributing factor to the DA’s growth is that it fielded excellent candidates with the ability to deliver a stable council which embraces diversity and serves the interests of all the people.

I also want to pay tribute to the sterling work of former councillor, Magda Botha, who has single-handedly held the governing party to account and played a major role in the dissolution of the council.

It is disappointing to see that ANC voters who have protested violently against poor ANC governance have chosen yet again to endorse more of the same. History has shown that they will get more of the same inept, inefficient and corrupt governance. The DA will again make its offer of good governance in 2016 and possibly by then the people of Inkwanca will be ready for real change.

This result is an indication of the growing confidence and support for the DA as an alternative government.  We will remain committed to this goal as we work to win strategic municipalities in the Eastern Cape in the 2016 local government elections and onwards towards the 2019 general election.

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