I refer to the Daily Dispatch article “ANC birthday targets WC” of January 9, page 4.

Mlibo Qoboshiyane needs to catch a wake up! Visions are never delivered through words and cutting of cake, only through performance. More and more voters place their trust in the DA. That’s why the DA is the second largest and fastest growing political party in South Africa.

Since 2009, we have governed the province of the Western Cape without bringing apartheid back. It is the only region not governed by the African National Congress.

Since 2006, we have governed one to the world’s leading global cites and most sought after tourist destinations, the City of Cape Town. Across South Africa, we successfully run many DA municipalities in various provinces.

Our vision of governance ad parliamentary accountability is based on four principles:

The first is, defend the Constitution by securing its promise of equal rights and fair opportunities for everyone irrespective of where the y come from and who they are – unlike the ANC cadre deployment and jobs for pals and family.

The second is to nurture non-racialism and tolerance through reconciliation and redress – unlike the ANC re-racialization efforts.

The third is to create the conditions for an appropriately regulated, market driven economy to achieve sustainable growth to end employment and inequality – unlike ANC’s attack on business.

The fourth is to build a capable state that places competence above party loyalty that values service and punishes self-interest and corruption – unlike the ANC failure-reward system of cadre recycling.

When the DA came into office in the Western Cape in 2009, we knew we needed systematic change management to make the government perform better for every citizen. Some ANC officials accepted the challenge and decided to depoliticise and to professionalise. We also chose people who had the right tools of conceptual analysis to determine delivery target in line with the constitution. We have appointed service-orientated officials – not self-opinioned officials like the ANC.

For our government to succeed, we needed to attract the best talent from the private and public sector. We didn’t ask questions about party affiliation, only whether they could get the job done. Our approach is paying off year after year – see AG’s reports and the many accolades we receive regularly.

Under a DA-leadership we have made targeted investments in the priority areas of health, transport and housing services in the poorest communities, we will continue to help the poor people. Our service delivery is beginning to break down the apartheid divisions which separated people according to racial classifications.

This means that when we are elected to office, many of our manifesto proposals will already have been enacted in the Western Cape in Cape Town and in municipalities we run.

The DA’s performance is being appraised by growing voter support at the ballot box, election after election. We campaign in positive terms, based on our excellent performance in the Western Cape, which the ANC wishes to destroy by all means.

We don’t challenge the ANC’s electoral dominance by questioning its credentials in fighting apartheid, nor all their landmark achievements during their first decade in office. We have gained credibility by delivering what we say will – good, clean, effective, efficient, transparent and people-centred governance – this is our promise to the voters.