Writer ‘doth protest too much’

In response to the “DA denies its liberal roots” in The Herald, 6th of January 2015 by Gareth van Onselen:

The above said author is displaying all the characteristics of obsessive compulsive behaviour that is a consequence of his controversial departure from the DA’s employment as the then, parliamentary operations manager and various other positions responsible for communication and media in the party.

This schizophrenic behaviour and “straw man” argument reminds me of an oft misquoted line from William Congreve which reads, “Heav’n has no rage like love to hatred turned/nor hell a fury like a woman scorn’d.”

Van Onselen does not miss any opportunity in his Business Day column or any other publication to malign the DA and especially its current leader, Helen Zille, who terminated his fractious and tempestuous relationship with the DA. I can’t help but think that, all his negative “projections” about the DA, represents the sentiments of William Shakespeare in Hamlet…“The lady doth protest too much” as those who protest too loudly are often the most guilty of what they are protesting about.

I would have thought that by now this very thinly veiled obsession would have become apparent to the Herald as it has certainly been ridden “sway backed” by Mr. van Onselen.

The DA has and continues to convince more and more South Africans that it is indeed a party “for all South Africans” that offers the only viable and real alternative to the current government of the ANC. This assertion is backed up by ever increasing support at the polls and an ever increasing number of local municipalities under DA control.

Lastly, his lamentation about the DA not honouring the legacy of Helen Suzman is best answered by the current DA chief whip in parliament, John Steenhuizen, where he recently said the following on social media…“besides, we don’t need an “annual” event [to honour Helen Suzman] her presence in parliament [her portrait hangs in parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane’s vestibule, as it did in Lindiwe Mazibuko’s and my time] is our daily inspiration”. The DA continues to grow despite Mr. van Onselen’s mendacity and best efforts to denigrate it.

Athol Trollip

DA Leader in the Eastern Cape, Bhisho