Legislature speeches: EC Gambling and Betting Amendment Bill; Annual reports: Departments of Rural Development & Agrarian Reform, Human Settlements and Health

The following speeches will be delivered in the Eastern Cape Legislature today by the DA’s Shadow MEC for Economic Development, Ross Purdon MPL,  Shadow MEC for Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, Athol Trollip, MPL, Shadow MEC for Human Settlements, Kobus Botha MPL and Shadow MEC for Health, Celeste Barker, MPL, during the debates on annual reports of provincial departments.

Speech by

Ross Purdon, MPL

DA Shadow MEC for Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism

“Consideration of the Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Amendment Bill”

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Speech Notes – Gambling Amendment Bill 03 feb 2015

Speech by

Athol Trollip, MPL

DA Shadow MEC for Rural Development and Agrarian Reform

“No realistic plan for Eastern Cape agriculture”

  • New MEC and Director General commit themselves to comply with legislation and financial laws pertaining to good governance (PFMA)
  • Department ageing professional staff complement is a major concern
  • Under performance of veterinary services compromises livestock productivity
  • Under performance of extension services compromises land reform and rural development
  • Competence and management performance of the ECRDA compromises the viability of critical Agricultural and Rural Development projects.

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Speech by

Kobus Botha, MPL

DA Shadow MEC for Human Settlements

EC housing delivery troubles continue”

  • The ECDoHS financial oversight and performance report highlights that budget expenditure is on track but housing delivery targets are off track.
  • DA belabours Alternative Building Technologies (ABT) as definite solution to reduce Eastern Cape housing backlog.
  • Better integrated and coordinated forward planning is needed by ECDoHS to reach its housing targets.

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03-02-2015; Housing annual report 2013-14

Speech by

Celeste Barker, MPL

DA Shadow MEC for Health

“Department of Health must face reality and get real”

  • The DA weeps for patients whose rights to decent care have been violated.
  • Funds could have more judiciously spent to fill multitudes of empty posts.
  • Nurses at Willowmore Hospital do double duty swopping bodies from mortuary drawers six hourly because mortuary attendants have not been appointed.
  • Why should families have to feed and wash family members in the Livingstone Hospital?
  • Why should a patient be forced to use a toilet seat contaminated with faeces?

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Speech notes 03-02-15 Health