Too many RDP ruins and abandoned toilet towns

Following revelations of looting of RDP houses in the Buffalo City Municipality, the DA has come across more incidents of plundering at two housing projects in the province during an oversight tour last week.

People are desperate for houses and are feeling frustrated, devastated and angry – the current system has failed them. There are too many RDP ruins and toilet towns dotting the landscape of the Eastern Cape Province.

In Bezuidenhoutville, Adelaide, hundreds of completed RDP houses have been standing empty for more than several years. The houses are systematically stripped of their window frames, glass, doors, door frames, complete flush toilets and roof sheets.

In Hillside, Fort Beaufort, hundreds of toilets stand abandoned and vandalised without completed RDP houses. This speaks volumes about yet another failed self-build project dating back as far as 2000.

The Jacob Zuma ANC-government has allowed large numbers of vacant RDP houses across the province to deteriorate into close-proximity dumpsites, caused by lax housing officials, a backlog of deed transfers, corrupt rental scams and RDP housing recipients who do not understand their rights and responsibilities as home owners.

When elected, our DA government will fix this mess. We would conduct a comprehensive review of housing policies and the housing codes in order to improve efficiency and reduce the administrative complexity of the current system.

I will be engaging the ANC MEC for Human Settlements, Helen Sauls-August, with a view to establish more facts around the Adelaide and Fort Beaufort housing neglect.

The MEC and department officials must also embark on a housing assistance and education programme in order to equip people with more information regarding their rights and responsibilities.