Crisis, not challenge!

I refer to various articles and comments in the Daily Dispatch:

South Africa is in crisis – our homes, businesses and schools are suffering because of load shedding.

President Zuma has said it’s a challenge, not a crisis! He also didn’t say anything about the fact that the electricity crisis: load shedding has cost us all R300 billion. Since load shedding began in 2008, Eskom top brass has received R63 million in performance bonuses, in addition to their massive salaries.

This is an insult to all South Africans, because Eskom is incompetent. The electricity crisis has also cost us jobs: one million jobs could have been created for us if there was no electricity crisis.

The ANC is failing again. To fix the crisis we must allow more organisations to bring us power, not just Eskom. We must encourage more alternative, renewable energy projects to help us. We must end the ANC government’s R1 trillion nuclear deal – this is corruption!

We must make sure Eskom bosses return their huge bonuses that were paid to them – they do not deserve this while we suffer!

 Kobus Botha, DA MPL, Bhisho