Seems councillor delusional about support for ANC

IN response to ANC councillor Lawrence Troon’s letter entitled “DA taking control of metro next year surely a day dream” (The Herald, February 18), it would seem the only delusional person in this regard is Troon. He refers to the recent appointment of a “much experienced regional task team” to replace the current regional executive committee in the NMBM.

Why is it necessary to take this unprecedented step if all is well in Port Elizabeth and if the ANC is not feeling a little threatened by the DA?

One only needs to see how threatened the mighty ANC is in parliament by its own enfant terrible, Julius Malema, to know that the ANC is running scared.

Troon’s use of racial demographic statistics to illustrate how cocksure the ANC is of winning the metro, speaks volumes about the fact that the ANC pays only lip-service to non-racialism, non-sexism, democracy and mutual respect.

The days of the ANC being simply able to count on black voters to come to the polls to put it in power are long gone.

Troon would do well to notice that the DA got more than 50% of the vote in May last year in neighbouring Kouga Municipality despite the racial demographics that he seems to be counting on so heavily.

The other important factor that he raises is voter turnout. Low turnout of ANC core support is an indication of a loss of belief in the ANC and its leadership.

In this regard one only needs to consider the nation’s response to President Jacob Zuma’s state of the nation address to see that this belief or confidence is at an all-time low.

Despite all Troon’s racial demagoguery the DA has achieved national traction as being a party for all South Africans. This has allowed us to grow in every successive election since 1994.

This has, fortunately for South Africa and Port Elizabeth, not been the case for the ANC. That is why the DA got 42% of the vote in the last election and the ANC 48%. (This does not follow Troon’s racial bean counting).

Regarding me wanting to be the mayoral candidate, he should know that the DA is an open opportunity society for all and if I am successful in the selection process, he can take poison on the fact that I will be resident and registered in Port Elizabeth. I wonder what he makes of the large number of cadres on the “task team” who are not from Port Elizabeth?

Athol Trollip, DA provincial leader