BCM Ward 31 by-election: T-shirts from the Mandela funeral fraud scam used to secure ANC victory

A by-election was held in Ward 31 of the Buffalo City Metro yesterday (subs:  Wed, 25 Feb 2015).

The ANC has once again shown that there is no limit to how low they will go to win elections.  Even if it means dishing out T-shirts and dishonouring Nelson Mandela’s legacy

Last night’s results from the Buffalo City Ward 31 by-election (Kayser’s Beach-Fort Grey-Kidds Beach-Ncera Villages) show that whatever the demographic or geographic make up of wards in the Eastern Cape, the real contest for political power is between the DA and the ANC!

The DA has also again shown that its trajectory of growth is upwards and the ANC’s is one of decline.   In Ward 31, the DA grew it’s vote from 26.28% in the 2011 municipal election to 29.61% in yesterday’s by-election, while the ANC showed a decline, from 72.74%% in 2011 to 65.58.%

Ward 31 is a mixed ward made up of urban and rural areas, coastal holiday resorts, informal settlements and impoverished communal rural villages. The DA again proved that it is a party for all South Africans and that it can garner votes in all of these communities. The other contesting opposition party’s couldn’t even muster any mentionable support.

The result again shows that despite how neglected communities are and how poorly the current ANC provides services or doesn’t, some of its supporters continue to support them blindly.

The DA however is not blind to the fact that the controversial Nelson Mandela funeral fraud scandal T-shirts had a role in securing this blind support. The ANC continues to display scant respect for their late leader by doing whatever they need to, to ensure they remain entrenched in smug power, even if they do this with T-shirts ostensibly acquired to honour him with tax payers’ money.

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