Fraudulent qualifications need to be exposed

It was reported recently that 640 civil servants had false qualifications.  

SOUND CLIP IN ENGLISH:  Underqualified people must be fired from Civil Service (English)

SOUND CLIP IN AFRIKAANS:  Underqualified people must be fired from Civil Service (Afrikaans)


How many officials in the Eastern Caper have fake qualifications? This is the question Question for written reply that I have posed to the premier, Phumulo Masualle for written reply in the light of the revelations that 640 public officials have fake degrees across the country.   Some of these must be from the Eastern Cape.

We cannot tolerate civil servant who get jobs and promotions based on fake qualifications.  This is out and out fraud and makes a mockery of any form of integrity.  It is unfair for people to be promoted based on fraud and compromises the delivery of services in this province.  They need to be named and shamed.

This province is top-heavy with under-qualified civil servants.  The ratio of support staff to core staff is totally out of kilter.  With 65% of our budget going on salaries, we need an assurance that people are getting the right pay for the right job for the right qualification.

I also need to be assured that stringent verification processes take place in the Eastern Cape and that these procedures are adhered to.

There can be no room for a cover-up in this regard.  The DA wants to see decisive action taken to ensure that fraudsters are rooted out of the system.

What we want is a civil service that works for the people and not for itself.

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