Transferring failing pupils prepares them for a life of mediocrity

The article “MEC:  Don’t pass kids who fail” (Daily Dispatch, March 19) refers.  The Department of Education indicated that 10 districts in the province took a knock in their Grade 12 results due to the transfer in 2014 of Grade 11 pupils who had been in that grade for more than two years.

It is a fact that progression of learners was in the past applied in the General Education and Training Band (Grade 1-9) but is now indiscreetly applied to the Further Education and Training Band (Grade 10-12).

This policy comes down to unfair promotion, where learners progress to Grade 12 under the illusion that you don’t have to work to achieve goals. Transferring pupils who are failing prepares then for a life of mediocrity and of promoting officially-sanctioned cheating by lowering the bar.

The DA believes that we cannot drop standards at a time where our province needs to produce well educated and hardworking young adults who will strive for excellence in whatever they do.

We welcome education MEC Mandla Makupula’s about-turn and we support him in his petition to the national government to have this detrimental policy scrapped, sooner rather than later.

Edmund van Vuuren, MPL

DA Shadow MEC for Education, Bhisho


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