DA objects to farcical public meeting for merger of Lukanji, Tsolwana and Inkwanca municipalities.

The DA has lodged an objection to the Municipal Demarcation Board regarding a farcical and unprocedural public meeting in Queenstown last week regarding the proposed merger of the Lukanji, Tsolwana and Inkwanca municipalities.

Residents of these three municipalities have not been given the opportunity to express their right to object, nor has their right to a fair and transparent process been respected.  At the meeting the DA was not given a chance to present a petition with 2994 signatures against the merge.


Merging failed Eastern Cape municipalities with other failing municipalities is not a solution.
Some of the incidents that contributed to Thursday’s charade included:

  • Confusing and contradictory advertising: three venues (Lukanji town hall, Chris Hani district municipality chamber and the indoor sports centre) named for the same meeting at the same time and date;
  • Having to move first from the town hall to the district municipality chamber and then outside due to load shedding;
  • The scheduled powerpoint presentation could not be presented;
  • The Act requires that proceedings should be recorded.  There was no evidence of this until DA called a point of order and requested compliance with the Act.  Therefore, recording will be incomplete and thus invalid;
  • My microphone being muted when further attempts were made to raise points of order including poor sound; and
  • Attendance registers distributed haphazardly and not signed;

The DA has requested that three meeting be held – one per municipality – in order for local ratepayers and communities to raise their voices and to be heard in this matter.

We will protect the rights of all our citizens.

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