DOH rides roughshod over clinic staff in the NMBM

There are substantial differences between a circular regarding the retention of Beyond Zero nursing staff and a whatsapp instruction last week to dismiss staff at clinics in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro (NMBM).

DOH Circular1

The circular states unequivocally that “…funding has been secured/ confirmed and approval granted by the Superintendent General for the retention of staff currently attached and remunerated by Beyond Zero.”

The DA is most disturbed by what appears to be an unfair labour practice by the Department of Health.

I will submit questions for written reply to the MEC of Health, Dr. Phumza Dyantyi, asking whether such action is legal given the written undertaking in Circular 1 of 2015; why the commitment to employ Beyond Zero staff on a fixed term contract from 01 April 2015 – 31 March 2016 has been breached; whether Beyond Zero staff will be paid for the month of April 2015; for a full explanation of reasons for termination of the services of Beyond Zero staff and a detailed breakdown of the allocation funds dedicated to salaries for Beyond Zero staff for a full year in Circular 1 of 2015.

DOH labour relations which raises expectations and then breaks the law and ethical codes of employment practise is exceptionally unfair.

Inconsistency in conditions of employment translates into an unreliable income for members of staff and huge hardship and suffering. So for example some staff members have been forced to downscale, to sell their homes and vehicles and to move their children to different schools because the DOH did not honour the financial commitment made in Circular 1 of 2015.
Such an unfair labour practice is unconstitutional and unconscionable.

The DA places adherence to the constitution first. Where we govern in the   Western Cape we place the rights of our staff and people to equality, justice and reliable employment practice first.

Such maltreatment does not happen under a DA-led government.


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