DA calls for more drug treatment centres in former Transkei

Drug and alcohol abuse in rural areas of the former Transkei is on the rise due to various issues including the high poverty rate and lack of police services. We are calling on the Social Development MEC, Nancy Sihlwayi, to ensure that rehabilitation centres are established in the former Transkei and other rural areas in the Eastern Cape.

When we visited Joe Gqabi district, the DA made a call to the department of Social Development to build a rehabilitation centre for that district because of the reports of drug abuse in rural areas from children as young as 7 years old. This is the case in other parts of the former Transkei as well.

I submitted a question to the MEC around this issue; click here to view her reply. The MEC states that the Department has established a State Treatment Centre for children addicted to drugs and alcohol in Port Elizabeth.

More treatment centres are needed to curb drug and alcohol-related issues which plague the Eastern Cape. This will help reduce the rate of alcohol and drug abuse as well as drug related deaths. We cannot afford to lose any more children.

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