Housing process must be transparent

I REFER to the article “MEC takes tough stance on corrupt officials” (Daily Dispatch, April 29). The door-to-door visits by ANC human settlements MEC Helen-Sauls August in Zimbane Valley in Mthatha are noteworthy. Clearly these are a desperate attempt by her to try and regain credibility for the ANC and her department in an area where 1 900 crumbling houses will have to be demolished and rebuilt again.

But wasn’t it her and her officials who authorised the paying out of millions of rands for crumbling shoddily-built houses by dodgy building contractors? Why doesn’t she inform us who will have to pay for the 1 900 houses to be rebuilt? Why doesn’t she name the company responsible for the poor and shoddy workmanship?

Regarding fighting the illegal occupation and sale of RDP houses, it is absurd that government entities under the ANC are still using manual database systems. The lack of proper electronic administration systems to manage the housing beneficiary list will continue to render the provision of houses vulnerable to manipulation and corruption.

Further, the lack of transparency in the housing allocations in ANC municipalities is also to blame for this malpractice and it will continue to aggravate the alarming Eastern Cape housing backlog – a crisis backlog of 600 000.

In the Western Cape the accurate collection and management of housing demand information is the cornerstone of a fair and transparent beneficiary selection process. — Kobus Botha DA shadow MEC for human settlements, Bhisho