DAWN says no to violence against women

The Democratic Alliance Women’s Network (DAWN) in the Eastern Cape will be standing and picketing with justice for Jayde Panayiotou posters outside the Magistrate Court in Port Elizabeth today. Christopher Panayiotou who is accused of murdering his wife will be appealing for bail.

DAWN will also be picketing outside Qaqamba High School in Duncan Village, East London where the acting Principal is accused of making sexual advances towards a grade 11 pupil.

We are delighted to see that young women are finding their voices and that they have the courage to make a stand by saying no to sexual abuse despite the potential stigmatization and isolation that follows this bold move. We salute their courage.

We are living in an extremely violent and unsafe environment and the DA is deeply distressed by what appears to be increasing incidents of gender violence, femicide and rape particularly of underage girls.

We’ve made it our moral duty and a matter of conscience to support young women who have been victimized. Part of our message to all women is that they should stand up, speak out and be there to support one another. No one should suffer in silence.

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