NPO subsidy cuts must be reversed

I’ve received numerous complaints from non-profit organizations (NPO’s) about their subsidies being cut without prior warning. We are calling on Social Development MEC, Nancy Sihlwayi, to put an end to the reduction in subsidies for NPO’s.

Members of the social development committee were never informed about these cuts either. NPO’s were allegedly not given any notification of the subsidy cuts. This is unacceptable. Prior warning should have been given to these institutions.

An estimated R555 236 million was allocated to non-profit institutions for 2014/15. This amount would have been sufficient for NPO’s had it been used appropriately.  The institutions rely on these grants to meet their day to day needs and predetermine their expenses for each month; these cuts have been an inconvenience to them as well as those who benefit from them.

The MEC must divulge the reasons behind these cuts after a portion of the budget was allocated to this sector and where was this money spent.

In a fair society we cannot allow our old age homes to collapse and the elderly and vulnerable members of our society to suffer. We will continue to champion their cause.